Having a cohort of people familiar with our work and getting our research closer to publication is not only one way to solidify our networks here at IU, but also how we make a meaningful impact on the field. How else do we verify expertise other than by publishing and presenting? This initiative—a monthly writing group for IU’s PhD student Russianists in the social sciences, or the Кружок—was created to address that need by providing a space for students to give and receive diverse, constructive feedback on one’s work from fellow Russia-focused students and other scholars, supporting each other as members of a Russianist cohort at IU, and by sharing best practices.

The Кружок is moderated by RSW's Postdoctoral Fellow. Visiting RSW scholars are encouraged to attend and participate if they are at IU during a Kruzhok meeting. Participants read each other’s papers before each session; attend all sessions regardless of whose paper is being discussed; actively comment and participate in the discussion and provide constructive criticism; and are expected to submit a brief review/survey of the Кружок at the end of the year. Students are encouraged to submit their work for conference presentation or journal submission. Students in the group are eligible for conference travel funding and other RSW fellowships.