Stanislav Budnitsky

Stanislav Budnitsky

RSW Postdoctoral Fellow, 2020-22

About Stanislav Budnitsky

Stanislav Budnitsky’s research explores how nationalisms shape institutions and practices of global communication, with a focus on Russia and Eastern Europe. As a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Russian Studies Workshop, Stanislav will work on his book project, Russia’s Digital Sovereignty: National Identity and Global Internet Governance, which illuminates how state-propagated national visions shape geopolitical debates about the global internet’s governing principles. The project examines how Russian elite imaginary of Russia as a great power has underlain its challenge to the perceived US digital hegemony and also shows how the Estonian state vision of “returning to Europe” after the Soviet rule has directed its support for the “internet freedom” agenda spearheaded by the US government. Ultimately, the project demonstrates the continuing critical role of nationalism in global politics. At the RSW, Stanislav will further explore the relationship between the state and non-state civil society actors in shaping the country’s approach to the global internet.  

Stanislav came to Bloomington after spending two years in Philadelphia as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania. Stanislav received his PhD in Communication from Ottawa’s Carleton University. He also holds degrees in Nationalism Studies from Central European University and in Journalism and Media Management from Moscow’s Higher School of Economics. Prior to graduate studies, Stanislav was a Moscow-based media writer and producer.  

Stanislav published an article on the causes and consequences of Russia's internet crackdown in The Conversation (June 30, 2022):

Kremlin tightens control over Russians' online lives – threatening domestic freedoms and the global internet

Stanislav participated in a panel discussion in the
Network 20/20 Virtual Briefing Series (April 26, 2022) that explores the inner workings of Putin´s government and Russian politics:

“Russia´s Inner Workings: How Putin Keeps Control and How He Might Lose It”

Stanislav's media article on the curious story behind Russia's "fake news" was published in The Conversation on 4/19/22:

“Pranks and propaganda: Russian laws against ‘fake news’ target Ukrainians and the opposition, not pro-Putin pranksters”

Stanislav's article on digital sovereignty was published in the International Journal of Communication 16(2022), 1918–1939 (open access):

"A Relational Approach to Digital Sovereignty: e-Estonia Between Russia and the West"

Stanislav's article on Russia’s high-tech industry was published in the USC Center on Public Diplomacy blog (8/29/2020):

"Russia’s great power imaginary and pursuit of digital multipolarity"

Stanislav's article on Russia's approach to the global internet governance was published in Internet Policy Review (Vol. 9, Iss. 3, 8/26/20):

"Russia’s great power imaginary and pursuit of digital multipolarity"

Stanislav presented a lecture for the Workshop in Sociology at IU (WiSIU) on January 29, 2021:

“A National History of Global Internet Governance: Russia and Estonia Compared”